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Jan. 6th, 2017 10:19 am
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Simply an ordinary girl. Talk is ok, but i preferred to become a good listener (kicked). Still working with my soo colorful (read complicated) real life and fandom (i have unstable income and personal problems). Just say i'm quite childish or late(?) Mature (i never know when will i be) XD~♡ (the same girl with LJ ymchii_01 and AFF yhamu01)

A HARDCORE YAMACHII AND YUNJAE SHIPPER ♡! CAN'T SEE JAE AND CHII TOPPING NOR YUNHO AND YAMA BOTTOMING! (but still, anyone with other preference will have my respect. Especially with a good story. But it won't be my favorite :), i just hope i won't find them ^^).
I LOVE READ FANFICS (currently most favorite genre: AOB Verse. Mpreg. Other long last favorite genre: anything as long as yunjae and yamachii though XP). I love writing though i need more courage to post them. But lately it's been hard for me to continue since I LOVE READ THEM MOST NOW! MWAHAHAHAHA! (That's one, another is simply because my colorful real life).

I LIKE COMMENTING! (but please spare me with my english and my not really flexible time, but i will try my best!)

That's me for now~♡
Let me say, IT'S NICE TO MEET/KNOW/FIND YOU~ ♡ (i like to play with words though sometimes i know it's weird. Hopefully i won't offend anyone ^^) i can be anyone friends. I could be funny or serious depend on situation. Mostly.. i will be myself though mwahahahaha! (Whacked). Sometimes i thought myself as water in a calm river and just following the flow. Or a calm breeze in the spring?............Naah, it's way too beautiful (and i'm not that beauty, nyahahaha~ (kicked), i like water more. Besides, I'm aquarian~♡

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