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Okay.. first, i really wanna apologize to my friends, which is i have an unfinished comment and also a promise to give my opinion about alleviate poverty if i'm not worng and a greeting for their important birthday.. and last night. i have one interesting topic, my friend ask me about the war between North Korea and South Korea.. and yeah.. that's a looong discussion.. and i remember the alleviate poverty.. *feelingdown* i'll be honest, i almost forgot about my promise ([livejournal.com profile] chocokuu) and my unfinished comment ([livejournal.com profile] chii_mao_13) .. but don't get me wrong, because this and that.. and that and this.. right now...

etoo... how should i say about this.. ==
just the point is.. there are things between Me, German, and America.. and i hope i could be forgiven by all of you..

And then.. About the fics? it's End already!! and i have some one-chot, songfic, trust me!! but all of them right in my beloved phone.. ==, i really should move it some other time.. i tried to post by my phone, but.. IT"S TOTALLY FAILED!! i don't want to discuss it.. it's a terror.. and i do prefer to commenting using my phone because i could use some emo and it makes more expression so you'll see me sometimes.. but lately.. i think, it's time for him *my phone* to take a rest, and got some best treatment, massage? even spa maybe?, so he could back to work.. with new energy(?), new condition, new spirit(?) and so on..

okay.. i think that's for now.. i have this headache since yesterday.. gooodd.... help me...

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